Musical Interlude


I love reading a blog and coming across other people’s music recommendations. Ever since I discovered the joys of iTunes and 99 cent music downloads, my music collection has blossomed, fed by a steady stream of new songs discovered everywhere from Diet Coke commercials to my sister’s mix CDs.

In the same spirit of sharing, here’s a handful of my favorites to take you into the weekend. (I’ve also just discovered YouTube. Am I a girl of the new millennium, or what?)

Rebirthing –Skillet

Be My Escape –Relient K

Anthem –Superchick

And finally, a song that completely delights me for reasons I can’t satisfactorily explain. Not for Pat Boone fans. (content warning: ninjas, eighties fashions, screeching, and a gigantic dancing pink satin heart.)

Love Addict –Family Force 5


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  1. You should really check out The Fray’s CD. It’s awesome. If you like Howie Day, you’ll like The Fray. If you haven’t heard either, I highly recommend both albums.

    And if you’re into YouTube videos, check out “Here We Go Again,” by OK Go. It’s awesome. 🙂

  2. Great videos…that last one though…um, ya, don’t even know what to say…haha!

    Glad to see that someone out there has some of the same taste as me! Take care.

  3. I was TOTALLY gonna reccommend “Here we go again” but MLIB beat me to it. Darn it. Oh well. A day late and a dollar short – story of my life.

    Great collection of songs – even the last one. 🙂

  4. Thanks for recommending The Fray, Brilliant and Courtney. I went straight to iTunes to check them out. Awesome!

    Glenn, I’m so jealous of your great rock station. Our Christian station here stays more in the realm of Stacie Orrico and FFH (both of which I also like, don’t get me wrong) and rarely plays anything harder. Surprisingly, though, “Rebirthing” has gotten quite a lot of play recently, so I have hope of the door opening to encompass a greater range of musical styles. Thousand Foot Krutch and Family Force 5 would liven up the playlist a bit, I think. 🙂

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