Homage to Geekdom


It’s well known that I have a soft spot for geeks.

In the ten years since I married into their fold, the secret society of tech-heads has opened to me, the original PEBKAC error, the doors leading to its mystical underbelly, with a few members even teaching me some of their acronym-riddled language and inviting me to their ritualistic contests of skill (see LAN party.) They have initiated me into the basics of hard drive space management and shown me that there’s nothing shameful about escaping to a fictitious universe now and then. And even though I’m not really one of them, I feel at home amongst them. I may never be able to reconfigure an ASP server, but thanks to the geeks in my life, I’ll never have to.

I’m not afraid of my computer anymore.

Thank you.

This is for you.

p.s. Yes, Kim, that is your very own Donny Osmond dancing in the video. Mr. White and Nerdy himself.


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  1. Wow! There are a few folks I know who are pretty much defined by that song. I didn’t realize they were part of a much larger contingent. 😉
    P.S. If I like X-Men comics and a good showing of the Holy Grail, does that make me…?

  2. How long was it before you were sucked into their world? I’ve been with my husband for 6 years, married for 2 and I have yet to succumb to WOW or LAN party’s.

  3. thats rad. I have a crush on weird al. I loved the original ridin dirty – but this tops it. Hes got mad flo.

    As for geekdom… I have a different kind of geek.
    Im no longer afraid to touch a marshall amp, or restring a guitar.

  4. Ok, so I read your WOW post, it made me chuckle. I’m glad to know my husband isn’t the only who has to ban himself or quit from warcraft by unistalling, only to find him at 2 in the morning 3 days later playing again. =)

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