Avast, Ye Scurvy Bilge Rats!


At last, the day be upon us! O’ course, I be referrin’ to that most swashbuckling of celebrations, International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Kick off yer boots, draw up a mug o’ mead, and let the “arrrrr”s roll off yer tongue like me ma’s buttered rum. Whether ye be swabbin’ the foredeck or hoistin’ the mains’l, yer day will take on a bit o’ color with some pirate-y talk bandied about!

Fair winds to ye,
Fruity Gwyn Dread*

*And don’t be forgettin’ to try out the pirate name generator on the official site to find out yer new pirate name!


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  1. Avast, me coeur d’alene beauty! Me husband be talkin’ about havin’ me locked up if I don’t cease and decist with the pirate talk. Yarr, the scurvy bilge rat be a grouch! Aye, I tried bein’ funny and askin’ if that be a yardarm in his pocket or if he were just happy to see me… I brought him a cup of grog upon wakin’ and still the landlubbin’ hearty be makin’ these wisecracks…yarr… tis harder and harder to find people who can appreciate a good pirate… yarr… where be me prozac?

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