So Much for Traveling Light


A three day camping trip for four people:

4 sleeping bags
4 foam pads
2 camp chairs
12 pairs of pants
6 pairs of shorts
12 t-shirts
4 sweatshirts
4 jackets
4 bathing suits
4 towels
24 socks (plus extras)
12 pairs of underwear (plus extras)
pull-ups and wipes (because I am not cleaning up accidents without the ready availability of a bathtub and a washing machine)
3 flashlights
extra batteries
bug spray
2 life jackets
hotdogs, lunch meat, cheese, milk
cooler full of ice
pancake mix, syrup, peanut butter
chips, buns, fruit, cereal
allergy medicine
4 toothbrushes
and, finally, one camera with three extra flash cards.

I have finally finished packing, and I just realized: I don’t have any energy left for family togetherness.

Have fun camping, lovely hearts! I’ll be at the spa.

(Be a dear and take lots of pictures for my scrapbook, m’kay?)


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  1. That’s a lot of stuff for four people … but then again, I was the one who would always bring 2 suitcases for my 13 month old baby when we visit my parents for the DAY. =p

  2. Blech! Camping? I am not an outdoors-y girl, much to hubby’s dismay! We’ve been camping 3 times since we’ve been together…twice while dating, with our singles group…once after we were married, but before kids…you can probably figure out why we’ve never tried it agian 🙂 I’m my mother’s daughter – my idea of camping would be a Motel 6 🙂

    Hope it’s fun and you get lots of funny pictures 🙂

  3. Can’t say I blame you for being exhausted after all that! And spa trips always sound good. Bugs and getting dirty, or pedicures and pampering? Hmmm … 🙂

    Have fun camping, though! You should reward yourself with a pedicure later. If you didn’t earn it packing and camping, I’m sure unpacking will do it.

  4. We went camping as kids. Three days of my mom working her tail off to load the camper for two days of camping (inevitably in the rain) then three more days of my mom cleaning up the mess. My sister camps now and it’s just further evidence to me that she’s CRAZY!! Actually, I do enjoy it, but it’s so much work to live the “simple life”.

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