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  1. I had no idea such a thing existed, but you are obviously all aswoon with delight, which is always nice on your birthday.
    Happy birthday!

    Hmm, is “aswoon” a word? Somehow I don’t think so…

  2. Happy Birthday!! That thing looks awesome… I am going to send the link to my dad. His woman scrapbooks.

    Also, I read the top 10 post. It really made my heart happy and brought a smile to my face. It is good to know that good guys really do finish first with good women!

  3. Wow … if I had one of those, I would actually start making scrapbooks instead of buying things for them with the intentions of starting or finishing. That would definitely make it all go much faster.

    Lucky! 😉

  4. Now, a geek hubby knows how to treat a woman right! 😉

    Happy Birthday Katrina!!

    PS – I think aswoon is a word 🙂

  5. *jealous*

    Happy Birthday!! 😀 😀 😀 Sure is refreshing to see a man know his woman… and know exactly what to get her. 😉

  6. Yep, looks like something that the wife of a geek would received for her birthday 🙂 I think the geek-ness just rubs off on us, don’t you? Lately, I’ve been looking at laptops, but not just any laptop, the Mac Book. I would so do sommersaults to get one of those for any occassion…birthday, Christmas, anniversary, all of the above! The problem is that my geek would ‘steal’ it from me. I definitely need to find a geeky toy that only I would/could use. Too bad I’m not a scrapbooker…

    Happy Birthday Kat!

  7. Okay. This is hard for me to say. I mean, all these people who have commented are obviously enablers by nature, and I really hate to be the uncomfortable truth-teller here, but Katrina. . . Katrina, you know I love you. . . but, I think you have a problem. It’s gone too far. I’ve spoken to your mother and we’re coming to get you. There’s a great program out of Witchita that has made amazing progress in the field of scrapbook addiction. Put down the glue stick, Katrina. It’s okay. We’ve got you.

    (Happy Birthday friend-o-mine! I’m so happy you’re in the world!)

  8. Dear Paul,

    Please stop being such a wonderful husband to Katrina. I realize she deserves it more than most, but when you give her such wonderful gifts she stops blogging and goes off for weeks at a time to play with her new technology. In the future, please demonstrate your undying love by giving her a blender or a pretty scarf, something that will not interfere with her blogging time.

    In deepest appreciation,

  9. To the guys who read this:
    3 important things to remember when spoiling a woman:
    1) Always be prepared to say “I’m sorry, that was entirely my fault”, but don’t always say it.

    2) Don’t always buy the most expensive gift, but buy the gift that’s most expressive.

    3) Expressive gifts often have a lot of accessories you may not have thought about. Look for 40% off coupons in your Sunday paper.

    ~ Paul
    p.s. I encourage blogging at all moments. It takes time to have an accurate reflection on great experiences. 😀

  10. Holy Cow Batman! The cricut is like the holy grail to scrappers and card makers of today. You truly are loved. Give Paul a big ol kiss. I’ll have to show honey buns this post, you know give him a hint!

    Happy Belated birthday to you!!! Hope all your wishes come true and then some more.

  11. I didn’t even know something like that exists….you have a husband that gives you things????? HAHA!!

    Seriously though, I am jealousy of your nifty little machine. I may have to look into one for myself.

  12. Me being in the Technology field would have NEVER thought such a machine exsisted….. I need to think about going route… I need to cash in on this market.. ha ha

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