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Whoever called it summer “vacation” had a great sense of irony (and not the Alanis Morissette kind). Mothers everywhere sort of roll their eyes when they hear the phrase. Life zooms by at warp speeds in these three brief months, leaving white star trails of memories (and massive piles of fast food wrappers) in its wake.

Currently, we’re doing the VBS thing, Vacation Bible School for the uninitiated. Five days, three hours a day, of all-ages Bible based games, crafts, snacks, and activities. Katie and Caleb are attending. I volunteered to teach, which I love, but every day the three of us drag home like a gaggle of spent marathon runners to collapse on the couch and wonder how three hours of Fiesta-themed fun can wreak such havoc on young bodies (and yes, I’m still including mine in that category.)

Naps are good.

I’ll be back, no worries.


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  1. I hear ya. My hubby and I went on a small vacation for our anniversary, and when I returned I needed a vacation from my vacation. It took me a good four days to feel normal again.
    I haven’t read through your latest vegas trip but the pics look like you had a blast.

  2. naps ARE good! I’ve been taking them frequently these days. Sounds like you’re having a grand ol time, though!

  3. okay, i have to ask: is there some commission of VBS that dictates that all VBS in all states will have the same theme each summer?

    because, it’s downright weird that you’re doing a “fiesta” theme in the west and all the VBS around here in the midwest are doing the same theme.

    just wondering.

  4. My response to ally bean would have to be “Viva!” Here in Houston, we had no less than 4 churches within a 10 mile radius of each other doing the very same Fiesta-themed VBS curriculum. It was fun, but exhausting. Enjoy your naps, Kat 🙂

  5. I remember vacation Bible school! It was so much fun! That’s really great that you’re involved in it. I bet your kids love that.

  6. Why is it only three hours?? When I was a kid, it was an all day event, at least 6 or 7, much like being in school. Also, we had ours much earlier in the summer, shortly after school let out. Come to think of it, I mean, I DID grow up in the Bible Belt…think that’s it? 🙂 Much luck on your recovery.

  7. We haven’t done much of anything, but I need a vacation away from the summer holidays.
    I understand the empty food wrapper thing…every morning we awake and when we open the fridge or the cupboard there are remnants and carcasses of snacks, melons…you name it!! (and yes we do feed our children breakfast!)

  8. Ah! The VBS days…I’ve been Martha weeping over Lazarus (thanks to an onion cleverly hidden in my handkerchief), a tree (upon which we velcro-ed leaves), Martha again, washing dishes and whining about her sister (somehow I got the reputation of being a cranky person because of my recurring role), and Gilligan (don’t ask…).

    Now we go on vacation during VBS (“Honest…it was the only time we could get the rental.).

  9. is it bad that I said I would help with VBS but they had to call me to remind me or I would forget. Well, they never called and of course, I still remembered but did not go. I mean, I had stuff to do. Bad Kelly, very bad!

  10. Hang in there!! We just survived! Now, along with massive amounts of laundry to catch up on – I also have two paper grocery sacks full of crafts and coloring sheets to sort through! 🙂 GREAT!!

  11. Actually, none of the instances Allanis Morisette sited in her song are actual ironies.

    Which makes the title of the song, completely ironic.

  12. May God bless you for your sowing of the word into those little children’s hearts in the name of Jesus. May God revive you in your work with Him! Bless you! “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be on my lips. My boast shall be in the Lord.”

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