And We’re Off!


Well, I’ve packed everything but shampoo (and that’s what those little bottles in the hotel bathroom are for!) My plane leaves in the morning for Las Vegas and a feast of laughing and relaxing and fine dining. I can’t wait to see Tracy and Regina and to make a good attempt at stuffing three years of conversation into five days.

Please pray for a safe and non-scary flight, and that we will be good representatives of Christ wherever we are. (Yes, I know. Why are we going to Las Vegas?) And please pray for our families. We like to think of ourselves as a little indispensable, but all the same, it would be nice to come back to find homes still standing and spouses and kids safe and sound.

God bless your week!

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  1. I hope you have as much fun as you have with your Idaho girls!! We’ll miss you at craft night, but can’t wait to see the pages from your trip!

  2. Have fun!!! I’m personally sitting on pins & needles waiting to read about the happenings in Vegas once Katrina and her pals hit the strip 🙂

    I’m going on a trip to Nashville in September with 10 other mommies from my MOPS group and am already counting the days! Hubby is already balking, but since they’ve already secured our reservations and airfare, there’s no turning back now 🙂

  3. I hope Vegas is everything you’ve been wanting it to be. 😉
    Have fun with Regina and Tracy! (nee’ Tackett and Stanfield, I’m assuming?)

  4. So, when do you return??? I’m waiting on pins & needles wondering what you did while in Vegas – I need some pointers for when/if hubby & I ever get to make the trip that we really want to make! – and exactly how much trouble you got into?

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