Notes from First Grade


It’s the last week of school, and every night Katie’s backpack is filled with papers, folders, and projects as her teacher goes through the process of helping the students clean out their desks and cubbies for the end of the year.

Sorting through the mess this evening, I was delighted to happen across this note. The unsigned party’s handwriting doesn’t match Katie’s, so I can only assume it was accidentally swept off of a neighbor’s desk as they cleaned up for the day:

Child #1:
Why did you tell everybody about the dream that was rude!
Thanks a lot
love Maysen

I thout it was funny
I din’t mean know that it was Rude
but I saved your Life in my dream are you happy about that?

I have a lot of hope that these two can work it out. Maybe it’s the “love” at the end of Maysen’s rebuke, or the heartwarming dream heroics of Child #2, but I think their friendship is going to make it through the Embarrassing Dream Incident and into deeper waters of understanding and support.

It’s never too early to practice good conflict resolution skills.

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  1. Aren’t kids great??? They drive me crazy at times (it’s June. I’m a teacher. I love em, but I’m ready for the end!) but also make me laugh. I love their honesty! I’m sure those two’ll make it! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a male/female conflict…learning to how to deal with those early is a must πŸ™‚

    BTW, school didn’t end for you guys already? Mine have been out for a couple of weeks now – since the end of May. We go back on August 16th…when do your’s go back? I remember when we were kids; school didn’t start until after Labor Day! Those were the days πŸ™‚

  3. kid notes are the BEST notes! I just got one from one of my first grade art students – it was all about “Noicy” (the greatest hampster in Ameriku) and how she died. It was a sweet, sad letter… but it was wonderful that she thought of her art teacher when she was going through that. :o)

  4. I had forgotten how insightful first grade children really are. Emotions at that age are so new and raw…unhindered by years of wall building.

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