Greetings from Potty Training Town! Wish you were here!

No. Really. I wish you were here instead of me, perched in suspense on the edge of the bathtub, coaxing a three year old boy into sitting still on the toilet and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the magical tinkling sound of pee hitting the water. Pretty soon he’s going to catch on to the fact that a sticker’s just not worth a week long camp out in the bathroom.

And I have a lot of other stuff to do.

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  1. A helpful hint: I learned the hard way with my first son…I’d spent weeks (and do mean an excess of 2 or 3) attempting the whole potty training thing. We sat, and sat, and sat, and cried (he) and cried (me), and sat some more. We’d leave the house – after sitting for 20 minutes on the potty – only to pee in the car seat on our way someplace (him not me!). It took a day care teacher exactly 1 day to train him! I dropped him off for about 5 hours 1 afternoon, leaving about 5 full changes of clothes for her ‘just in case’. When I picked him up, he was happy, dry, still wearing the same clothes I’d dressed him in that morning, and potty trained. When I asked how she did it, she simply looked at me and said “he likes to stand”. I could have kissed her πŸ™‚

    Good luck!!!

  2. hee hee… wow, I don’t evny you. But how fabulous it is that kids can be bribed by such little things. It’s amazing, I can get my grade sevens even to do just about anything for a jellybean. One jellybean. Yeehaw!

    I replied to your comment over at my blog, by the way! πŸ˜›

  3. Haven’t I heard something about putting cheerios in the potty? They like, I don’t know, aim at and try to sink them? I have no children. I don’t know why I know that. Maybe it’s froot loops. Are they more sinkable or something? Good luck, sister.

  4. Hardwood floors and summertime. Go naked baby! (Maybe that’s why I have a hard time getting my kids to get their clothes on after the tub! If that’s not an option, then you could try setting the timer for every 15 minutes and just keep him on the pot for no more then 5 minutes. Then increase the timer as he starts getting the hand of it. About the Cheerios (or Fruit Loops or any other food for that matter) in the potty, I’d never be able to keep a box of them in the kitchen again, much less eat them!

  5. Oh yeah, is he in pull-ups for big events, such as, say, a party? πŸ˜‰ (The bouncer’s a rental, you know.)

  6. Yeah…you have fun with that. I was real happy when my kids were no longer leaking out of any orifices.

    Though, as the one who cleans the bathroom, I think we need a Cheerio retraining session for someone around here…

  7. I did the same thing of trying to get Jackson to sit. I even showed him how. It was only after seeing Daddy STAND that he caught on. Of course now, he stands to pee but still pretends to wipe. :)LOL Guess he got SOMETHING out of what I showed him. πŸ˜‰

  8. I had to make a choice…healthy teeth or a potty trained 3 year old. The teeth were sacrificed (we gave candy treats)…I mean, she’ll grow another set right?

  9. What about offering him a fiver for his piggy bank. Oh right, he is only 3.
    I LOVE the cheerio fruit loop battle ship idea. That is the best. If our child turns out to be competitive that could be the perfect idea.
    What about the girl kidlets though.
    Keep us updated!
    p.s. my question mark button is broken. Sigh.

  10. Isn’t it amazing what you discover perched on the edge of a bathtub? That spot under the faucet you missed while cleaning, the incredible number of empty bottles that still adorn the side of the tub, that fact that your shower curtain could stand to be replaced, and the stubborness of a 3-year-old boy.

    Never having potty-trained a child myself, I do remember my little brother being trained and Jules was right – once he realized he could do it standing, it all went pretty smoothly.

  11. Oh wow! Good luck with that. I still remember my mom sticking cheerios in the toilet and telling my brother to sink them. Hi Ho Hilarious.

  12. You drop IQ points while potty training, I swear. I wrote letters while I waited for pee. Letters and letters and letters. Every 20 minutes, every single day. Oh my.

    Good luck, try to have fun and it will happen!!

  13. Someone should start a business where you can drop your children off every day and they do it for you. I would totally pay A LOT of money for that.

  14. Please tell me you get a sticker too…but I suppose that being a mom is it’s own reward! God, I hope I can hack it!

  15. Without a word, at 16 months old, my daughter was doing the toilet thing perfectly! I thought I was the perfect Mother. Then my little boy came along and put me in my place, I started to worship the porcelain god, begging, praying, batering for a miracle! He was a strong three years old before the diaper disappeared.
    I feel for you !!!

  16. Oh, you guys are all so WONDERFUL with your outpouring of advice and support! It helps, at least, to know that I’m not alone on this rather malodorous road.

    Here’s the update:

    Caleb is pretty reliably going potty whenever I tell him it’s potty time and sit him on the toilet. So far, though, he doesn’t ask to go, nor does he ever answer in the affirmative when I ask him if he has to go.

    We’ve still got work to do…

  17. Newlywife–I like the idea of a Mommy reward for potty training.

    It should be something modestly proportionate to the size of the achievement, like, say, a week long vacation to Maui…

  18. My MIL would hang a penny or some other small object for not-then husband to aim for. She said he trained very quickly that way. Only problem was if he got excited about hitting the penny and mid-stream turned to tell her about it πŸ™‚

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