It must be spring, because I am in love with everything again.

Even the mundane chore of grocery shopping today, with the rugrats in tow, took on a golden sheen of pleasure as I plunked milk and peanut butter and red peppers into my cart, happy to be out amongst the people and happy to have the money to buy necessities and then some. I felt smiles shining through me from all sides, like rays of light.

As I drove along this afternoon with my windows down, I played my music loud, dancing with abandon from the waist up and flashing a giddy grin at the teenagers laughing at me from the next car over.

Today I feel like I could fly a little.

The sunlight has returned and I think I’ll just float on it for a while.

It must be spring.


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  1. Yay Spring!!! Everythings so fresh and new…the leaves are even popping out in a nice lime green these days…yes, it is spring and I love it!

  2. Spring? We’re already into Summer around here – forget green leaves and grass! Things have moved on to a lovely shade of yellowy-brown again – well for those that choose not to water their yards, anway! The pretty red-bud trees and some flowers have already lost their buds! You know, the beauty of Spring just doesn’t last here in Southern Texas…it’s a bummer 😦 If I’d read this about 6 weeks ago, I would say that I could totally identify, but, alas, I’m already starting to ponder jumping the fence of a nearby neighbor to ‘borrow’ their pool for a while!

  3. I get the same way! I am so excited about the weather that nothing can touch me! I have gotten lost driving two weekends in DC in a row and have been calling it an adventure as opposed to other more irrate words of the four letter variety.

  4. I’m right there. I am all about opening the windows, fresh air, and green grass right now. Today I did about a million errands…its all good because the weather is.

  5. I am so glad I came over here this morning to bask in a bit of your sunshine. Funny how the external things that we tend to overlook or take for granted can really add some spring to our step and light to our hearts when we take time to enjoy them.

    I am laughing on the inside about the car dancing comment. I do that all the time and hope that I make a few ppl laugh. If I don’t, I am certainly enjoying my music and doing a mini-version of chair aerobics.

    Thanks for sharing such a sunny disposition.

  6. I love you in the springtime. Heck, I love you anytime of the year, but especially in the spring I think.

    I can totally invision you doing your little dance in the car with the windows down. I remember you doing it in toadboy on spring breaks headed home.

    I cannot wait to see you in Vegas and I think we should do some of that while we are there. Who cares if it will be from a cab? We’ll plug in the iPods (because we WILL force one on Tra) and dance away!

    Loves shoes!

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