Six Weird Things…About Kathy


In her comment on my last post, my good friend Kathy made this generous offer:

“May I get your friends to compile a “6 Weird Things About Katrina” list for you? You know how I love a good list… “

What a great idea! Who but one’s friends would be more qualified to identify and illuminate those little idiosyncrasies that make one completely unique? I was so alarmed moved by this meaningful gesture that I decided to return the favor and make a preemptive strike friendly list of some of Kathy’s delightful quirks. And here they are:

1. Kathy has a celebrity crush on Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. Not the actor, Orlando Bloom. Just the elf.

2. Kathy licks things. I have photo evidence of this. After every trip we take together, I get back at least one picture of Kathy poised to lick something–a bronze statue of a monkey, an Applebee’s sign, and, on one memorable occasion, a life size cardboard cut-out of Legolas (see point #1).

3. When eating out with friends, Kathy always calls dibs on the heel of the bread, sometimes leaping across the table to lay claim to it before everyone else even sits down. Never, ever get between her and that crusty, buttered morsel of delight. She will wrestle you for it.

4. Kathy is a walking sales circular. She is the Boss of the Bargain, the Coupon Connoisseur, the Duchess of Deals. I can leave the house to go grocery shopping, call Kathy on my cell phone, and ask her “Which store has London Broil on sale this week?” And she will know. Off the top of her head. That is amazing.

5. However, this same thrifty woman, who carries a punch card for every store in the tri-state area, who has never bought a hard back book, and who would walk two miles to a remote backpackers’ supply outpost just to save forty-two cents on a can of baked beans, will not shop at Ross or T J Maxx because she doesn’t like having to dig through the racks of clothes to find a bargain.

Lastly, and perhaps the oddest thing of all about Kathy:

6. The more she gets to know me, the sweeter our friendship grows.

At least she hasn’t run away screaming yet.


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  1. Did you ever wonder if she had these “strange” habits before or after she became friends with you???
    And why do her weird things still sound strangly more normal than yours? ;)LOL

  2. i’m speechless, except to say, thank you for choosing THAT particular photo from our trip. things could have been worse. much, much worse. and thank you, jules, for the kind comment.

  3. I used to have a friend (think middle school) that had to smell every bite of food she took before it went in her mouth. I still find that habit way more weird than any other most people have. Although, I do happen to have children with weird habits too.:) So maybe my view of WEIRD is skewed.;)LOL

  4. That was way too funny. I’m afraid that if I made a list of one of my friend’s weird things, I might lose friends over it! I can’t afford to lose friends at this point in my life, so I keep my thoughts and giggles to myself 🙂 Sounds like you guys might be more like sisters than friends? Or, maybe you’ve spent way too much time together…?

    Either way, the licking thing almost made me vomit! I can’t help but wonder what germs might be floating around her system right now?!?! You do know that allot of people don’t wash their hands after using a public restroom, right?

  5. Julie–I don’t think I like what you’re implying. 😛

    Kathy–I looked for the monkey picture, but, fortunately for you, I can’t find it.

    Jennifer–Kathy is definitely the only friend of mine who will be receiving the Six Things treatment, as I’m fairly confident that our friendship can withstand it! Also, you’ll note that my pictures show her poised to lick. The actual licking is up for debate. 🙂

  6. This was too funny! I loved it! And while I’m not the bargain connisseur (sp?) that Kathy is, I totally agree about TJ Maxx. I will not DIG for a bargain. I will NOT dig through Victoria’s Secret bargain bins for the perfect bra even if it is $10. Just.can’

    Sounds like a great friendship!

  7. Okay, now I have something to say. I think you misled your readers and therefore I must set the record straight so they don’t think I’m totally warped and disease ridden. You did say you had pictures of me “poised” to lick those items (although I must say I do not remember the Applebee’s sign, I mean, what would be the point?) You also said, “Kathy licks things.” Now, while this is true, it only applies to things you are supposed to lick (like ice cream cones, suckers and the like) however I don’t think that’s the way your loyal readers are taking it. The things you have photos of were strictly for effect (and now, I’m afraid, THAT mystery is gone.) I never intentionally make contact. the monkey made me gag.

  8. Amy–Oooh! Ten dollar bras? I’d dig through a whole vat of lingerie to find one good bra, I must say.

    Kathy–I’m glad you cleared that up–although it does put a dent in my hyperbole. I was pretty sure the monkey was an accident when I saw the look on your face! However, if I ever buy you that Legolas standup for your office, I’ll be sure to wipe it down with Lysol first. Then you can lick to your heart’s content.

  9. See, I am the opposite. I shop at one grocery store, I do buy what is on sale, however I can spend HOURS in TJ Maxx. I go there to buy fun shirts, stockings and random house items. It is the best!

  10. It’s so awesome you guys know each other so well. And when I first read the licking comment, I thought Kathy actually licked the things until you said you had pictures of her “poised” to lick.

    I have to agree on the TJ Maxx and Ross thing. I can look in the shoe department and at picture frames. But for clothes, with my luck, I’d either not find anything I liked or I’d find it in the wrong size and spend the next hour looking for it, only to be sorting through the last rack and see the girl standing next to me hold it up in my size — the last one left.

  11. Yes, she is a tremendous blessing!

    Jennifer–Thanks for the update on your blog; I’ll make a note of it!

    Cantre–Sorry, friend. Unfortunately (for you), Kathy is the happily married mom of two boys. As a consolation, though, if you make it up here to visit us, I’ll be sure to secure an invitation to their home so you can sample her incredible cooking–it will break up the monotony of the mac-n-cheese you’ll be eating at our house. ;D

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