I Hear Music When I Look At You


Can you smell me?


That might be because I’m spoiled rotten!

This year our wedding anniversary falls inconveniently on a Tuesday, so this Friday, Paul took me out to celebrate. Diamonds, no kids, high heels–we held hands and kissed under streetlights like two kids who are late for curfew and too drunk on each other to care.

We ate at a restaurant called Shogun where we’ve wanted to go for ages. It has a celebrated sushi bar and those tables with the hibachi in the middle where the Japanese chef spins knives, lights fires, and prepares your food right in front of you as you nibble on the appetizers. Dinner and a show. We sat in the light from the grill and tried to get our minds around Ten Years as we ate delicately seasoned shrimp and steak.

It was a wonderful gift! At least, I thought it was my gift–until Paul revealed my real present: a video iPod.

I nearly wet the car.

Yes, it’s a gadget, and yes, I’m married to a geek, but before you start thinking that this is like that time Fred bought Wilma a bowling ball for their anniversary, can I just tell you how much I wanted one of these? All that trendy Apple advertising of people dancing in silhouette to popular rock songs just got to me, I guess. And I started thinking, and saying, how nice it would be to have one of those. For working out. For walking. For all those moments in life when you just need your own personal soundtrack on hand.

And now I have one.

See how spoiled I am?


What did I get him?


…I got him some CDs he’s been wanting. Which I will now be ripping to my hard drive to put on my new iPod.

I better make next year a doozie.

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  1. For all you naysayers out there who still think I got her a bowling ball: I have a work-supplied killer PDA with a large storage card. Plenty of music and video. Been watching Phantom of the Opera mobile for months. I have enough gadgets ~ I like to consolidate them into one device. Katrina loves her music, and will use this thing to its fullest. I won’t touch it other than to support her if she breaks it. 😀

  2. I totally understand…my hubby got me an ipod and an ibook for Christmas this last year. I need me some music.

    Stellar gift!!

  3. a) Happy Anniversary you too!!
    b) How adorable that Paul is the first to comment (and the second)!
    and 3) (the numbering system is a la Mad About You, if you didn’t already recognize it) What a cool gift!!

    Can I get a “Paul” for my birthday?!

  4. Amy–I’m not sure that they make this model anymore, but I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for something comparable. 😉

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Glad you had a great evening together away from the kids. Take care and God bless you with many more anniversaries to come.

  6. Yea!!! 10 years, huh? I swear, you and Paul are mine & Michael’s twins on the other side of the country 🙂 Of course, we’re just the opposite – I gave Michael an IPod for our anniversary – well sort of. Since he’s the geek and no one ever knows what to give him, he gets Best Buy gift cards and cash to spend as he likes for birthday & Christmas gifts; he really wanted the video IPod, but was a little short on $$$, so I allowed him to purchase it anyway, and told him “Happy Anniversary 2006!”. Seriously 🙂 I just use his VIPod every now & then when he downloads a video or tv show that I want to see.

    Happy Anniversary 2006 to you guys! We’re heading toward #11 in May – isn’t finding your Mr. Right the best?!?

  7. Aww:-)
    That was such a awww post!:-)
    and hey congrats on the anniv!
    We recently celebrated our first wedding and had a wonderful week in Bali!
    And hey ipod is grt..Must say ur a spoilt kid!…

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