100 Things That Bug Me


VPL: visible panty line
flat soda
misplacing things
looking forward to the last brownie only to find that someone else ate it first
inconsiderate drivers
those 5 pounds that sneak up behind me and attach themselves to my butt when I’m not looking
holes in my socks
body odor
pop-up ads
being misunderstood
dropping food on my shirt
icy roads
cold floor on bare feet in the morning
brussel sprouts
running out of cell phone minutes
mean people
the crack in my windshield
granny panties
losing at Scrabble
spam email
waiting in line
interruptions on the phone
hair in the drain
constant sniffing
dry skin
fast food wrappers in the car
overflowing trash can
too tight jeans
the chores that never end: dishes and laundry
ants in the house, making a little trail across the floor
guilt trips
clipping nails in public
dog drool (I can’t watch Turner & Hooch, Beethoven, or Cujo–in fact, I can’t think of a single dog movie that I do like…)
dirty windows
junk mail
not saying thank you
balancing the checkbook
taking a knee
disappearing pens
vinyl car seats in the hot summer
The Teeny-Tiny Teacher (Have you ever had to read this book out loud? Teeny-tiny torture.)
do-nothing hair
dial-up internet service
saying “nucular” instead of “nuclear”
buying something and finding it for less somewhere else
spoiled milk
credit card interest
broken promises
rap music
carpet stains
hoochy dolls
political smear campaigns
mold in the refrigerator
finding out there’s no toilet paper after I’ve already peed
bad customer service
cynical people
feminine product commercials
parents yelling at their kids in public
borrowers who don’t return things
skimpy clothes on little girls
seeing litter when I’m out hiking
one bathroom for 4 people
stepping in gum
morning breath
bias in the media
running late
throwing up
nights where you wake up fifteen times for no reason
forgetting things, especially people’s names (the Diet Coke is eating my brain!)
bad tippers
cigarette smoke
razor stubble
whining (this list doesn’t count!)
thinking of a good retort—a day too late
dirty fingernails
dead car battery
teenage “soap opera” shows
counting calories
getting my order wrong at the drive-thru
false advertising
popcorn kernels in my teeth
wearing pantyhose
lame lists masquerading as blog posts (just kidding!)


8 responses »

  1. Jules–the list is in no particular order. If it were, I’m sure spiders would be near the top.

    Kathy–you’re not getting rid of me that easily! You’re not nearly annoying enough to bug me yet–keep working on it. 🙂 (Don’t tell me how annoying I am–I can’t handle criticism. Hmmm…maybe I should add that to the list…)

  2. finding out there’s no toilet paper after I’ve already peed
    That is my favourite all time pet peeve. I read it all! Great list!

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