Saving the World, One Piece of Cake at a Time


Apparently, superheroes don’t learn complete control over their powers until well into adulthood. I should know, because we had half a dozen superheroes of the four-feet-and-under variety running around our apartment this weekend, and they almost brought the Hall of Justice crashing down with all of their indiscriminate laser beam shooting, reckless flying, and accidental misuse of super strength.

Yes, we survived Birthday Party Time again, and, the super-exuberance of gamma-irradiated and mutant party attendees notwithstanding, a great time was had by all.

The downside of having two children with birthdays less than two weeks apart is the effort and expense of planning two separate parties so close together. The perk is that, once in a while, you can get away with planning one party for both of them, as we did this year. Thanks to The Incredibles and a beloved computer game called Freedom Force, Katie and Caleb are both into superheroes at the moment, so choosing a party theme was a no-brainer. After all, what kid doesn’t dream about having super powers and a secret identity*?

To start off, each guest was given a superhero design sheet to aid them in choosing their super powers, designing their cape logo, and deciding on a cool superhero name (very important if you don’t want the other heroes to make fun of you and sprinkle powdered Kryptonite in your gym shorts.) The list of possible powers included flying, invisibility, super hearing, and deadly garlic breath, among others**. Then they were given capes, masks, and fabric markers and left to the pivotal task of every superhero: creating their costumes. Fifteen minutes later, our two-bedroom apartment was filled to the brim with C-Strike, Super Girl, and their justice-seeking friends! (According to local building codes, our apartment has an MSC*** rating of 6, so we kept it small.)

The first test of the new supers was–what else?–to apprehend and subdue an evil villain. We just happened to have two villains on hand: The Mom-inator and Teacher Creature. Their list of crimes against humanity is long, including such offenses as serving green things for dinner and callously demanding that homework be turned in on time. Fortunately, our heroes prevailed and, in no time at all, had them tied to their chairs with Charmin Invincible Binding Strips (motto: Holds forever, or until it gets wet!)

With their arch-nemeses out of the way, the gang then turned to their next pressing task: ridding the apartment of those twin Diet-Busters, Cake and Ice Cream. Let’s just say that they really threw themselves into the job.

Did you know that sugar gives you Super Speed?

*I know that when I was in first grade, my friends and I waged an ongoing playground battle between the forces of evil and our valiant band of heroes, the Amazing Girls. The Amazing Girls, bringers of justice and truth to the universe of Sweet Bee Elementary School (I’m not making this up), were led by yours truly, the beautiful and powerful Snowball. In retrospect, I realize that Snowball was a name more fit for a kitten than for the commander of an elite force of supernatural do-gooders, but give me a break–I was only six.)

** As the moms stood around and watched, we came up with several super powers that we wanted to see on our list:
-ability to stop time
-“who did it” detection
-bathroom privacy forcefield
-road trip utility belt
(Maybe we should renegotiate our contracts…)

*** Maximum Superhero Capacity


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  1. Sounds like fun times…

    After seeign Incredibles even I felt like donning a cape (or colorful bedsheet) and wearing my undies on the outside and flying around… common sense prevailed, all my bedsheets are a subdued brown/black pattern.

  2. My little superheroes wore their capes and masks all afternoon and even tried to negotiate bringing them to church. I thought that might be distracting.

  3. Oh my gosh, Katrina, I am in tears — tears! — of laughter! You ARE an Amazing Girl with super writing powers and the uncanny ability to ellicit emotional-response at will. Happy birthday to your babies and a special kiss for Caleb, a definite addition to the upside list. 🙂

  4. Yes, I too feel the pain of having multiple birthdays within 2 weeks of each other – both Morgann & Alex were December babies, so not only do we have their birthdays, we have Christmas just 9 days later!!! What’s a parent to do except to go completely broke?!?!

    Anyway, you’ve given me a great idea for Alex’s 7th birthday – even though it’s still 10 months away (Thank God!). He’s a super-hero fanatic right now, thanks to his XBox game Marvel (I’m assuming Marvel comic book characters, but I really have no idea!). So, can you right out – in great detail – the exact party plan, supplies needed, etc? You’d make my life a whole lot easier. Truly, you should put together your party ideas and sell them for a little extra cash – I’d pay!!!

  5. okay, wait, wait, wait. Multiple kids born at almost the same time of year? Hmm…have an anniversary that’s about 40 weeks before that? Hmm…. lol

    Sounds like a GREAT party! Good job, and well done, I must say! I would add one more super power to the Mom list: a silencer!!

    Happy Birthday to the kids!

  6. Sounds like a great party. I love the capes. I know I would have liked one of those when I was kid. Okay, who am I kidding… I’d like a cape now. I wonder if that would make Hatchling take me more seriuosly?

  7. Invisibility – that’s my superpower of choice. The kids would not be able to find me when I didn’t want to be found. Besides, on one of the old Fantastic Four cartoons, Reed and Sue start kissing and she makes them both invisible. . . so cool.

  8. When my oldest son was 4 he was obsessed with Superman. He wore his superman cape everywhere. One day I caught him trying to open his bedroom window so he could fly!!!! We immediately put locks on all the windows and tried tell him he couldn’t fly.
    I laughed so hard reading your profile!!!

  9. Sri–It’s about time we had a fashion forward superhero, someone who’s not afraid to step outside of the primary colors and explore his Pier One side. I say give those sheets a whirl!

    Jill–Thanks, my friend. And look who’s talking about writing powers! Did yours come from a freak dewey-decimal-related accident, or are they from a mutated writing gene?

    Jennifer–If you email me, I’ll send you a copy of the Superhero Design Sheet and the party plan specifics. Good idea to plan ahead!

    Amy–A silencer! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s the obvious choice for my constant battle with the Whiner and her sidekick, Temper Tantrum Boy!

    Slush–A super seamstress like you should be able to whip up an awesome cape in no time! I would stay away from florals, though–it’s awfully hard to inspire respect and awe in a happy daisy print.

    Debbi–That IS cool.

    Jenny–Whew! Good thing you covered the “flying is only pretend” speech before you ended up in the emergency room waiting for Superman’s first cast!

    Heehee…reminds me of one time when Katie was around four years old. She’d received a purple cape as a gift from a cousin and wore it for five days straight, zooming around the apartment. We assumed she knew she was only pretending, so when we said, “Hey, let’s go to the mall. Want to fly there?”, we didn’t think anything of it. Once we got outside, she kept jumping up in the air all the way down the sidewalk and finally just collapsed on the ground and burst into tears! “This cape doesn’t WORK, Mommy!” she howled. It took us a while to convince her that people can’t really fly, with or without capes. Poor chickie!

  10. I so understand the whole Superhero fasination! I live in a superhero would everyday – not fake, mind you. My guys dress up everyday and NEVER stop jumping (evidently there is some amazing superhero power that displays itself via this form). I’m exhausted each day from their daily feats of heroism. Love this post!

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