VIP Parking


I just got back from the grocery store. A man in a giant SUV waited nearly ten minutes for my parking space. Granted, it was a good spot, the first one in the row as you exit the store, but ten minutes? He pulled up just behind me as I walked to my car with two grocery carts heaped full of bags and then sat there with his turn signal on, defying anyone to honk at him or try to usurp the little piece of land he’d claimed for his own. He waited while I found my keys, unbuckled Caleb, zipped up his coat, maneuvered him into his car seat, buckled him back in, found him a toy to play with, unloaded bag after bag after bag into my trunk from both shopping carts (carefully avoiding smushing the smushables or breaking the breakables), rearranged a few bags so the last one would fit, and walked first one and then the other cart back into the store.

The crazy thing is that a space just five cars down from me sat visibly open for the entire time Primo Parking Guy was waiting. 40 feet. He could have walked five feet a minute and made it to the entrance faster than he did by waiting on me. I didn’t even look up at him, for fear of meeting his eyes and coming face to face with whatever madness obviously lay within.

I was sorely tempted, after I finally got into the car, to sit there and balance my checkbook, file my nails, and maybe start next month’s shopping list, but I didn’t. Frankly, my car insurance isn’t that great.


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  1. LOL – I love watching situations like that. Especially when you’re at the grocery store – I mean think of how much walking you’ll do going up and down the aisles – is walking an extra 100 feet in the parking lot going to hurt you?
    Your insurance comment reminds me of the “towanda” comment in fried green tomatoes when she runs into the girls car who stole her spot…she says she’s older and has better car insurance.

  2. After doing all of that, I would have walked over and with the sweetest look on my face, I would have told him I wasn’t leaving and that I was waiting for someone to finish their shopping. lol

  3. I know who he was! He was the 2nd carman waiting on the lassie’s stroll. πŸ˜› Feel free to balance the checkbook. Anything that gives motivation to do an ugly task like that is a boon.

  4. I always hate it when people sit & wait on me, especially when they can see it’s going to take a while to get my crew and ‘stuff’ loaded up! It makes me nervous because then I’m rushing to hurry up so they can park. I don’t know why them waiting puts me in a rush, but it does! So, I never wait for a parking spot unless the person is actually physically crawling into their car or pulling out of the space. I’d hate to put the stress of hurring onto someone else πŸ™‚

  5. I’m still in awe over the fact that you were able to:
    1) take a moments-from-3-year-old to the grocery store,
    2) keep said child occupied while you filled not one but TWO grocery carts with food items
    3) were able to drag both carts and the child to the parking lot by yourself (what ever happened to the “courtesy call” where a bagger will help you out?)
    4) and that you were able to fit two carts worth of stuff into that little trunk of yours! You rock!

    ps- what have you been feeding your family? mustard and pickle relish?

  6. I love that. Isn’t it just too funny? The giant SUV probably barely fits into a space as it is, you’d think they would prefer to park out where no one else has parked. I would have had to sit there, or say I forgot something or just something. That’s too funny, but oh-so-common, isn’t it?


  7. People like that drive me nuts. What you should have done at that point is get into the passenger side and sit in the seat, looking as though you are waiting on the driver to come… πŸ˜‰ (although I’ve found that every 3 year old I’ve strapped into a car seat is like a small time bomb, so you might not have had the luxury to play with SUV owners’ head)

  8. How crazy! You know, I had a similar situation at the gas station Weds night. There were other pumps free, but this man pulled in right behind me. I guess he thought that I would only get a few bucks worth of gas (that takes you no where these days), and I had to fill my car up (I mean, really fill it up). It irks me, while I’m pumping my gas, he’s patiently waiting, wasting more gas!

  9. A few questions have come up. Here are the answers:

    No, I don’t feed my kids mustard and pickle relish, either as nourishment or punishment (although I do force them to watch C-SPAN when they’re extra naughty.)

    The reason I filled up two grocery carts is because I do my grocery shopping ONCE a month. Yep, it’s weird. It takes up a whole day, and requires focus and efficiency, two qualities that are not usually associated with me. But then I don’t have to go for the rest of the month, except to buy milk and bread. It’s well worth it.

    I push one cart in front of me and pull the other one along behind me. Yes, they offer courtesy help at the register, but for some oddball reason (and since I’m not really in the mood for self-examination today, I won’t go into it now) I always turn it down.

    Yes, it’s a risk doing lengthy grocery shopping with a toddler, but I have a strategy. I go right after dropping Paul off at work, while Caleb’s fresh from waking up. We head straight for the free cookie from the bakery (he knows this), and I supplement with snacks from my purse. At evenly spaced intervals, we visit a) the fish in the pet section and b) the poor, doomed lobsters in the seafood tank. By the time the whinies start, I’m usually in the checkout line.

    It’s only taken me three years to figure it out.

  10. You are truly a kindred soul, Katrina πŸ™‚ I too do my grocery shopping once a month. Lots of planning and pain-staking list making go into it, but it’s wonderful when it’s all done (and put away, which takes almost as long as the shopping!). I started doing this to myself when hubby got paid only once a month and I had no other choice. Now, it’s just a habit, and, in my opinion, well worth the trouble if I actually get it done! Last month, I ran to the grocery store about 10 times and kicked myself for it everytime, so I’m currently working on my February list that I plan to conquer this weekend! The quick trip for fruit, bread and various dairy makes life much easier with my 1 year old (and sometimes the 3 & 6 year olds too) in tow.

    Now, if only I can figure out a way to only have to wash clothes once a month, I’ll be in fine shape πŸ™‚

  11. you rock. heh.
    i hope you do not mind that i post some of your blogs on my myspace page ( as you of course not me!) to share your with and genious with that part of my world..
    nothing personal of course…..

  12. Jennifer–Once-a-month laundry, eh? Sounds right up my alley! I might be able to pull it off if I just buy everyone more underwear and socks…

    Natalie–How sweet! You’ve made my day! And of course I don’t mind you sharing my blog–I’m thrilled to death that you think I’m readable!

  13. I’ve sat in my car after grocery shopping and made people wait as I nursed my son. I mean, they don’t want me to nurse in public…and I’m being discreet…so they can wait for the parking spot!

  14. To anyone that might care and hasn’t checked within the last 48 hours (and why would you, right?), my blog is back on-line πŸ™‚ It took some prodding on my part to get hubby to finally check the settings to see that it was actually broken for everyone OUTSIDE of our network πŸ™‚ Anyway, it’s

    Hope to see you all there soon!!!

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