Here Comes the Sun (da da da dum)


Wow–spring cleaning one’s blog is a lot easier than spring cleaning one’s house. Would anybody like to work out a trade?


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  1. Well, sadly, I’m not much for spring cleaning either! If I had the money, we’d have someone come clean my house once a week or, at the very least, once a month 🙂 But, alas, I’m doomed to clean my own pig pen, so it only gets done when we have company coming – like this weekend! And, though it’s totally un-characteristic of me, I procrastinate cleaning until the absolutely minute, so then I’m a raving maniac that everyone in my house, especially hubby, hates! It all comes down to the last minute floor scrubbing or vacuumming – but it always gets done by the deadline 🙂

    That said, I’m off to pick up a playroom!

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