Penalty Kill


Last night was Girls Night Out. There were six of us, so we decided to balance out all that estrogen by going to a minor league hockey game. (Actually, this was an emergency GNO, hatched in an effort to keep one of our number from crashing her ex-husband’s wedding, making an emotional scene, and possibly spending the night in jail for stuffing the wedding cake down the bride’s dress. We figured a hockey game–preferably one with lots of body checking, high sticking, and a fight or two–would be a good legal and moral alternative. And it was cheaper than posting bail.)

I have this to say about hockey: it’s brutal. I mean, the penalties have names like Slashing, Hooking, Spearing, and Charging. Fans of other sports collect souvenir t-shirts and giant foam hands. Hockey fans collect teeth.

Despite that (or, in all honesty, because of it), it is really fun to watch. Fast moving, energetic, a poetry of grace and fury–other than football, I can’t think of a sport I’ve enjoyed more. I actually heard the blood rush to my head when the Spokane Chiefs sank their first puck into the net. About halfway through the game I realized I’d lost my voice, but it hardly mattered in the frenzied thunder of the crowd. We were one mind and one sound, bent on victory.

I’m sorry to say that, in the end, the sacrifice of my vocal cords was for naught. The Chiefs lost, 4 to 2. In the final twenty seconds of the game, tempers flared and two players threw off their helmets and gloves to clash like padded titans out on the ice. Just before the referees pulled them apart, the Chiefs player pinned the Kootenay player to the ground.

The crowd roared as if we’d won.

As for us, after the game we drowned our erstwhile bloodlust in swirls of ice cream sprinkled with candy and wrapped in hot fudge. Never underestimate the healing powers of dessert.


“Ice hockey is a form of disorderly conduct in which the score is kept.” ~Doug Larson



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  1. I was at the Nashville Predators hockey game on Saturday night. I loved it! The constant motion, the roaring crowd …. Three hockey sticks were broken during the game, one puck flew into the crowd, a couple of fights broke out, and we won 7-2.

    It was great!

  2. I’ve been to a minor league Indiana hockey game & it was FUN!
    I love most sports though. Matt I’m sure finds it a tad odd that occasionally I’m watching a boxing match or baseball fight & right up ON the tv.:) Yes, there is nothing like a little testosterone laden sport to get you’re blood going!;)

  3. I will have to tell my great hockey story one day. I don’t enjoy the sport nearly as much as you do, but I love the rush of a good sporting event! Glad you kept her out of jail! That’s a tough emotional hurdle to get through!


  4. Sounds like you ladies had a good time. Clearly violence and ice cream cure all broken hearts…or prety much anything really…

  5. Girl’s Night Out is the best! There’s just no way to survive without the girls, is there?
    And love your cheery, spring filled blog! It’s so bright and the colors are lovely. What a nice way to forget about the doldrums.

  6. Though neither hubby nor I are much interested in sports – with the exception of watching the Astros’ last few games when they lost miserably – we did attend (years ago) a hockey game with friends. My friend had 3rd row tickets right beside the team’s box, so we basically sat right on top of the ice. It was allot of fun!! And good for a laugh too because I almost wet my pants when a stray puck came right at us and slammed into that bullet-proof glass they have around the rink. We didn’t even see the stupid thing coming right at us – we just heard it hit…thus, almost causing me to wet my pants!!!

    Ah, the memories 🙂

  7. Ack, Jennifer–I can’t find your blog! Is your site down?

    Chris and Jennifer–Thanks! I was ready for some brighter colors. Glad you like it!

  8. Just saw your note! Yep, it was down, but it should be back up and running now 🙂 We had internet difficulties here after a raging storm that lasted for about 24 hours and took down a few stray tree branches with it! But, things are back to ‘normal’ around here for now! Wish I could say the same for my backyard!!!

    And, to save you the trouble, I haven’t posted anything since the dinner from hell. Guess I should get working on a new adventure, huh? It’s been unusually quiet around here lately, so I’m sure something is bound to happen soon 🙂

  9. FYI – I just posted a new…post! Hmmm, need to re-think that phrase, but you get the point 🙂

    Have an awesome Wednesday, Katrina!

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