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I’ve been tagged by my friend MsMeg to pass on the holiday cheer by answering the following questions:

1) Name three things that you would like to get for Christmas.

  • an “I (heart) my geek” t-shirt
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • world peace (well, either that or “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” on DVD)

2) Name three things that you are giving as gifts for Christmas.

  • foam rubber bowling pins
  • an Aquadoodle
  • a fruitcake*

3) Name three things that you hope no one will get you.

  • a fruitcake (particularly the one I am giving, which, if my research is correct, can trace its origins to Prince Edward’s Island, 1988)
  • polka music
  • any gift from Paul that might be associated with cleaning, cooking, or self-improvement (such reckless generosity could well end in one of us filing a police report)

Merry Christmas, and husbands: remember to shop responsibly!

*You may think that fruitcake is a thoughtless gift, as it is eschewed by 98% of the world’s inhabitants as inedible. However, many people overlook the fruitcake’s other useful applications–as a doorstop, a paperweight, a family heirloom, or even a weapon. Just learn to think outside the cake box. With that said, please don’t give me a fruitcake.


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  1. 1) Name three things that you would like to get for Christmas.

    *scrapbooking supplies (CM)
    *a microderm abrasion kit
    *set of Murder She Wrote DVDs

    2) Name three things that you are giving as gifts for Christmas.

    *blankets with names embroideried
    *pocket knife
    *massaging pillow

    3) Name three things that you hope no one will get you.

    *an appliance or household equipment
    *something too predictable
    *yet another piece of apparrel from my mother that’s way too big
    (and yes, there are issues there with why she thinks I’m always bigger than I am)

  2. i would actually forgive my husband if he were to present me with a Dyson vacuum cleaner. the purple one. that would be okay with me.

  3. Jules–Hmmm, very interesting. Please lay down on the couch. Now–tell me about your mother… 😉

    Kassi–Perfect! Now just be sure to link this blog entry on your next email to him and you may have a chance!

  4. Name 3 Things you’d like to get for Christmas:
    1) Money for new clothes
    2) A new cookware set (yes, I’m ASKING for it, but probably won’t get it)
    3) A purchase and interest in my new business venture – read my blog if you’re interested 🙂

    Name 3 Things you are giving as gifts for Christmas:
    1) From Santa: a new scooter for Alex
    2) From Santa: a new scooter for Morgann
    3) Aromatherapy products from my new business venture – again, read my blog if you’re interested 🙂 🙂

    Name 3 Things you hope no one will get you:
    1) Jewelery – just don’t wear anything except for my sweet 16 ring, my wedding ring, and possibly earrings if I’m dressing up and don’t have my 1 year old anywhere near my ears!
    2) Clothes – because it’s always something a bit odd that I normally wouldn’t wear.
    3) A new vacuum – I purchased an Oreck, which I love by the way, last Spring.

    How’s that? I’m never very good with these, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

    Now, if you’re interested, I have a new business venture that I’m VERY excited about, so go read about it 🙂

  5. hmm… great lists everyone!! It sounds as if an appliance could be traded off as an unwelcome gift to someone else who might really welcome it!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  6. A recent study showed that people would rather get nothing at all than to get a fruitcake! Apparently they’ve never been hungry.

  7. Three things I would like to get for Christmas:
    1. A flat iron for my hair.
    2. Certificate to a spa.
    3. Certificate to Lowe’s. (If house purchase goes through.)

    Three things I am giving:
    1. A cookbook holder.
    2. A Moleskine Notebook.
    3. A turntable for sculpting/ceramics. (I have yet to discover where I will find this item, but Patrick has described it to me in great detail, and I am determined not to be beaten.)

    Three things I hope never to get again:
    1. Anything with a clown on it. (I didn’t like the Harlequin Xmas clown decoration I was given. I never unpacked it. It creeped me out too much.)
    2. A makeup kit with 25 assorted colors of eyeshadow and/or blusher. None of which will be “my” color.
    3. Underwear. Not the lovely Vic’s Secret kind, but the K-Mart, voluminous kind. Of which I received 35 (!!) pairs one memorable, miserable Xmas morning.


  8. Okay. I must redeem the fruitcake.

    Not the ones I’ve seen around here with the big chunky fruit, they look pretty awful. I wonder where the “cake” is in those. But I wholeheartedly, proudly, vociferously defend the Caribbean version made with pureed, rum & wine-soaked fruit. It’s known as Rum Cake, Black Cake, or Great Cake, NEVER fruitcake, no one will know what you’re talking about. It’s a rich, moist, cake (some people pour a little more wine over it when it’s done and still hot), the texture and color of a good chocolate cake, and the fruit is practically undetectable except for the taste. I can’t imagine a Christmas or Wedding without one.

    My fruit’s already soaking waiting for the big day!

  9. 3 things on my Ultimate Wishlist (in other words, I won’t hold my breath):

    1. School debt cancellation
    2. A Toyota Matix, silver or black (are there real live people who actually give cars as gifts?)
    3. Three weeks, all expenses paid, on a warm island.
    (Yes, I dream big!)

    3 things that I’m giving for Christmas:

    1. A free week of house-sitting during Christmas (for a veeeerry good friend).
    2. A small get-together with full home-cooked meal for some friends who, for one reason or another, cannot be with family this year
    3. Coupons for time (e.g. 40 hrs (at their convenience) to a friend who has to move his entire office in the spring and set it up elsewhere, and his wife who has mountains of hard copy photographs in need of sorting, scanning, sharing, and displaying but no time to take care of them.)

    3 things I hope never to get for Christmas:

    1. Bad news (someone’s ill in the family)
    2. A cold
    3. Homesick (won’t make it home this year)

  10. Roseann–Oooh! I change my mind. Put school loan cancellation at the top of my list, too! Actually, it could be my whole list for the next decade, and I’d be happy!

    Rum cake sounds so yummy–I’ll have to try making it sometime. After reading your description, I’m certain it does not belong in the “fruitcake” hall of shame.

    Koyama–Flammable fruitcake. Hmmm… I think you’ve just made your million.

    Lisa–Clowns? *shudder*

    Bishop–Maybe we could round up the world’s fruitcakes and send them to the castaways on Survivor. That would be the true test of man’s will to live…

    Jennifer–Good luck in your new business! I hope it goes great for you. As for cookware, my sister has the Wolfgang Puck set of pots and pans and she loves them!

    Amy–Happy holidays! I loved your handmade Christmas cards…what a great tradition to have with your son!

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