Daily Archives: November 30, 2005

Cold Weather Survival Tip #11


Just a little word of caution:

If you ever move from Georgia to nothern Idaho, there’s a chance that one day you will drop your car keys deep into the snow and have to fish them out with your bare hand because, being a southern girl, you will forget to bring your gloves, despite the fact that there are tiny icicles hanging from the hairs inside of your nose.

When you do, be sure to dry the key off completely before you stick it into your door lock. Otherwise, the melted snow will seep into the lock and refreeze at a later time, leaving you standing, coatless (because you never learn, do you?), in the middle of the mall parking lot twenty minutes after it closes, balancing packages on both hips, bent over awkwardly at the waist, huffing and puffing into the keyhole to melt the ice so that you can get home.