It’s All in the Presentation


Yesterday I gave Caleb Cheerios, a cereal which, remarkably, he’s never had before. I set it down in front of him and said cheerfully, “Look, Caleb! I got you a new kind of cereal! It’s yummy!”

He took one suspicious look at it, turned up his nose, and said, “No! No new cereal! Wanna graham cracker.” Well, he didn’t get the cracker, but neither did he touch the Cheerios. It was a stalemate.

This morning, I poured him another bowl of Cheerios and set them down in front of him. I said, “Here, Caleb. Have some baby donuts!”

He’s in there eating them now.


Mommy–1 Toddler–427

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  1. Brilliant, sister. Simply brilliant. It’s the one reason I can think of NOT to have kids. I’m convinced they could outsmart me.

  2. Awesome!

    How do mom’s get to be so good at that sort of thing!!??

    When I was little, I was very active… never in one spot for more than a minute. As a result, my mom was constantly afraid that she’d lose me. So she came up with the idea of tying bells to my shoes so she could always hear where I was. How did she get me to wear the bells??? Duh! She told me that bells turned me into a fairy. I NEVER took them off.

  3. Jennifer–Thanks! I was pretty proud…

    Kathy–I should stop keeping score, but I’m storing up guilt to use against them later when I want to keep them from putting me in a home.

    Debbi–It just goes to show what a desperate mom will do in an effort to make sure her child gets his 18 essential vitamins and minerals (plus beta carotene!)

    Jules–I prefer to think of it as “renegotiating.”

    Jill–Look at the score, my friend. If you had to pass a test to become a mother, I’d still be going to midnight movie showings and wearing kitten heels (not that I don’t love kitten heels–they just make it too hard to keep up with the under-five set.)

    Marieke–I’m trying. Now if I can just come up with a creative way to keep the applesauce out of his hair…

    Courtney–Very creative! Has your mom perhaps written a book of wisdom? Because I am seriously running out.

    Bishop–I’d be glad to share…even with the sugary cover story, “baby donuts” are coming in a distant second to Golden Grahams.

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