Dear Kathy…


There’s got to be an easier way for you to get mentioned in my blog than to sneak around my apartment, covertly affixing California Raisins stickers to everything.

The ones I found covering the numbers on the microwave and stuck to my Diet Coke bottle and pasted on the bathroom mirror were all amusing. “What a kidder, that Kathy!” I chuckled.

You’re going to pay for the one you put in the shower, though.

I thought it was a spider and tripped over the bath mat trying to get away.

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  1. Man, i miss the Dancing Raisins. Cuz I heard it thru tha grape vine…Where’d you get stickers of the raisins? That’s as good as gold!

  2. I have a royal stash of California Raisin stuff. Maybe I should hit ebay with it! And, Katrina, be thankful I couldn’t get a hold of that freaky Burger King mask. I had planned on afixing it to your kitchen window so you would get a nice little jolt when opening it up to greet the day;-)

  3. You went in my laundry room? The abyss? The black morass?

    And you lived to tell about it?

    I think I’ve underestimated you, Kathy.

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